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Sound & the Studio. A radio feature (Deutschlandradio Kultur Berlin July 8, 2011)

This friday sees (or better: hears) the premiere of a radio programme that has been produced in a cooperation of the research network with Deutschlandradio Kultur Berlin, the biggest german cultural radio station. It will be the first in a series of three radio features that explore current research trends, aesthetic strategies and theoretic approaches to the sound and auditory studies under the title of:

Adventures in Sound:
an Expedition to Designers, Artists, Musicians and Researchers

In one hour-long discussions members and guests of the international research network as well as artists, designers and musicians will present their positions, their research and production methods, their research questions and aesthetic goals – exemplified by specific and extensive
audible examples. The places in which these discussions are recorded in are important as well: each feature will incorporate a reflection on the auditory qualities of the place and of its technological, performative and sensorial ramifications.

The first discussion under the title Sound & the Studio has been recorded on occasion of the third workshop in London in March 2011 at the MA in Recording Arts, London College of Music. The participants were Maria Hanáček, Holger Schulze, Paul Théberge, David Toop and Simon Zagorski-Thomas (concept & production: Holger Schulze).


Friday July 8, 2011, 0:05
Deutschlandradio Kultur BerlinKlangkunst

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