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October 28, 2011: Public Symposion in Berlin


Gadget & App-Culture: Sound & The Machinery of the Senses


Public Panel Discussion: Gadget & App-Culture

Sound & The Machinery of the Senses

A Public Symposion
at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin
on the occasion of the 4th Workshop
of the International Research Network,
funded by the German Research Foundation DFG



Friday October 28, 2011
4pm – 8pm

Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin
John-Foster Dulles-Allee 10
10557 Berlin



How does mobile audio technology transform our perceptual techniques?

How does an anthropology of sound and the senses offer new insights into our everyday life with sounds?

We invited two of the most important international researchers in the field of sound studies, Jonathan Sterne and Veit Erlmann, to an afternoon of explorations: to explore the anthropology and cultural history of audile techniques – as examples of sensory technologies in populare culture. An audio performance by AGF a.k.a Antye Greie is at the center of this symposion. Michael Bull and Peter Wicke will respond to the two main lectures.

An introduction into sound studies as a – rapidly expanding and developing – transdisciplinary and international field of research.




Part I:
Sensorial Technologies & Popular Culture

With: Jonathan Sterne, Peter Wicke & Holger Schulze

04:00 pm
Holger Schulze:

04:15 pm Jonathan Sterne:
Lecture: Mp3 – a 100 year history of an 18 year-old format

04:45 pm Peter Wicke:


05:30 pm Break


Part II:
Audio Media Design Performance

06:00 pm
AGF a.k.a. Antye Greie:
Performance: Beatnadeln – Extimicy


Part III:
On the Anthropology of Aurality

With: Veit Erlmann, Michael Bull & Jens Papenburg

06:30 pm
Jens Papenburg:

06:45 pm
Veit Erlmann:
Lecture: The Acoustic Unconscious: Time and Rhythm around 1900

07:15 pm
Michael Bull:


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