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New technologies, new sound practices

With the fifth workshop of the research network we continued our collective work onthe overall structure as well as on individual chapters of the final handbook. The workshop took place at Leuphana-Universität Lüneburg and it started with a public symposion at the Freiraum in Lüneburg. Julian Henriques and Steve Goodman presented their views on technology […]

Sound & the Studio. A radio feature (Deutschlandradio Kultur Berlin July 8, 2011)

This friday sees (or better: hears) the premiere of a radio programme that has been produced in a cooperation of the research network with Deutschlandradio Kultur Berlin, the biggest german cultural radio station. It will be the first in a series of three radio features that explore current research trends, aesthetic strategies and theoretic approaches […]

Editorial cooperation: Sound Studies - Positionen, No. 86 (2011)

The first printed publication of the network is out (in german language): the journal Positionen – Texte zur aktuellen Musik invited us to contribute to their latest exploration of the developments and findings in the field of sound and auditory culture.

Beginning last summer we conceptualized a series of polemics, reviews, overviews, and even a […]

Sound in everyday life within popular culture

The second workshop of the research network took place in Vienna, and it was also the second of three venues in an art university: the Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien.

On friday it all started with a public symposion on the question: In what way could it be meaningful and fruitful to install a program […]

November 26, 2010: Public Symposion in Vienna

Sound an der Kunstakademie!?

A public Symposion
at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
on the occasion of the 2nd Workshop
of the International Research Network,
funded by the German Research Foundation DFG

Friday November 26, 2010
2pm – 7pm

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Schillerplatz 3
A-1010 Vienna

Room M13A

Program (in German):

Opening Words:
Rektor Stefan Schmidt-Wulffen
Holger Schulze (DFG-Network)

Jochen Bonz:
Who’s in charge of sound-perception?
On the subjective nature […]

New sound concepts and terminological approaches

One year ago we – Jens Gerrit Papenburg, Maria Hanáček, and me – thought hard about the concept of this network, in the summer of ’09. And now, finally, the first workshop in Berlin really took place and is over. So, now it’s time to ask: What took place?

It all began on friday with a […]