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October 19, 2012: Public Symposion in Milan: Sound design and acoustic ecology

Public Panel Discussion: Sound & The Society – A critique of the auditory design of public places

04:00 pm – 09:00 pm

Friday, October 19, 2012
IED Istituto europeo di design
Via Amatore Antonio Sciesa, 4
20135 Milano
Room S10



04:00 pm

Welcome addresses by local hosts Rossella Bertolazzi (Director of the
Visual Communication School, IED) and Franco Fabbri (University of

Opening words – Marta García Quiñones & Holger Schulze

Part I: Critical Aspects of Sound in Public Places
04:30 pm: Anahid Kassabian – Ubiquitous Sound
05:00 pm: Stefano Zorzanello – Notes on digital sound cartography

06:00 pm Break – installations by students from the institute

Part II: Auditory Design for the Public Sphere
06:30 pm: Peppino Ortoleva – Sound, habitus and semi-conscious perception. Thoughts on television-centered soundscape
07:00 pm: Karin Bijsterveld – Keep Moving: Car Sound Design, In-Car Audio and the Dream of the Magic Carpet

Part III: Sound Performance Lecture
08:00 pm: norient (Thomas Burkhalter, Simon Grab & Michael Spahr) – Sonic Traces from Switzerland



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