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New sound concepts and terminological approaches

One year ago we – Jens Gerrit Papenburg, Maria Hanáček, and me – thought hard about the concept of this network, in the summer of ’09. And now, finally, the first workshop in Berlin really took place and is over. So, now it’s time to ask: What took place?

It all began on friday with a […]

May 28, 2010: Public Opening

Sound in Media Culture:
Aspects of a Cultural History of Sound

A Sound Studies Symposion
to celebrate the start
of the International Research Network,
funded by the German Research Foundation DFG

Friday May, 28, 2010
4pm – 8pm

Berlin University of the Arts
Central Institute for Continuing Education
Sound Studies – Acoustic Communication

Lietzenburger Straße 45
D-10789 Berlin

Room 314/315


Prof. Dr. Martin Supper
(Head of Departement of the
MA Program […]